• Cogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Our mission is to save underprivileged animals around the world. $COGE will be donated to animal welfare organizations.



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We plan to offer projects & their community as low as 0% swap fees for providing liquidity


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The Story

About Us

We are a blockchain project to help and support the undeserving animals of the world by partnering with animal welfare and protection organizations around the world.


Community Driven

Cogecoin is community-driven cryptocurrency, where every member must do their job to make the project successful.

Fair Launch

By having a fair launch, everyone gets an equal chance. We listed with no seed, pre, or public sale. And we are committed to listing on the big CEX in the first quarter.


20% of Cogecoin will be donated to animal welfare organizations for the benefit of underprivileged animals around the world. We will form partnerships with many animal welfare organizations to achieve our mission.

Pet Insurance

Unlike humans, there's no health insurance system in place for pets, which means the cost of going to the vets lies solely on owners. Through a monthly contribution, pet owners will be covered in the event of any accidents or injuries. It's common for pet surgeries, hospital stays and cancer treatments to become very expensive which is why we believe the need for a pet insurance program is only increasing year by year.

Pet Food

We believe that it's important for owners to understand the nutrition needed for their pet in order to provide meals that keep them healthy and safe. Just as we expect out of our own human food, we plan to release a healthy and safe pet food product in the future.

Pet Shop

Wouldn't it be great if you could use $COGE in any pet shop around the world? We're currently working on creating a $COGE coin payment and discount service.


Our Goals


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  • We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project.

    Thank you so much to our fantastic community, generous contributors, and thoughtful volunteers, we will donate all funds raised by our donors to underprivileged animals.

    Contributions of any size are welcome, appreciated, and will position us to leverage our mission accomplished.


Accept any ERC20/BSC/Matic/AVALANCE/HECO/FANTOM tokens